Friday, January 22, 2010

Hyler • For Tuesday 1/25 - Friday 1/29

Teacher:  Hyler                         Class:  Social Studies                   Hour:  2, 5, 6, 7, 8
Notes:   If you need help accessing your child's grades, please check with the guidance office.   Note:  I make every effort possible to update grades on Skyward daily.

Please make sure your child has a 3-ring notebook  that is just for social studies materials and pencils.
Assignment  Monday - Friday
- Monday is our last collection day for Central Helping Haiti!
- We have finished watching our videos of before and after the Brown v Board case (Separate But Equal and Crisis at Central High.
-Students are beginning to select partners (max 3 to a group) for research papers and thinking about their topics.
-Research materials are being handed out in class so students should have a 1.5 inch notebook for these materials and their research materials.  We will be working on these papers through February.
-We will be going to the computer lab on Wednesday or Thursday for about three weeks for work on the papers.
-After picking a topic and researching it, we will begin by writing the thesis sentence - easier said than done!
-Students will also be getting information about a field trip to the Brown v. Board Museum in Topeka.  The transportation for this trip is thanks to a grant I wrote.  The Brown Foundation has funded approximatley $800 for our total transportation costs for this trip and there is no admittance cost to the musuem.

1)    Pick your topic.
v Consider writing your paper about your History Day topic.
Sample Topics for 9thGrade Research Paper
  • Benefits of stem cell research
  • Global warming
  • Immigration
  • The number zero.
  • BIA & Native American rights.
  • Sleep and teenagers.
  • Treatment of animals (zoo, medical, cosmetics….) / animal testing
  •  Should a communitybe able to ban, dangerous animals (pit bulls, lions, etc.)?
  • Islamic women’srights
  • Bioengineering’scontroversy
  • U.S. Patriot Act - too invasive or not enough?
  • School uniforms
  • Shouldgun ownership be more restricted? Less restricted?
  • Shouldthe U.S. Congress pass a National Health Insurance Program?
  • Tribalwarfare (Hutu/Tutsi, Tamil, etc.) and how it affects the participants and theirpeople.
  • Aboriginerights in Australia
  • IllegalImmigration:  To what extent shouldillegal immigrants be given the same rights as U.S. citizens?
  • Education:  Should schools today adopt dress codes?
Presidential Topics
The responsibility of first ladies (Eleanor Roosevelt, etc)  Their changing roles.
  • Pick a President or First Lady and develop a thesis for research.  For example…..
  • ___________ was (was not) a great President because...
  • FDR’s monetary policies helped bring us out of the Great Depression by....
  •  ________, ______, and _______  accomplishments of President ____________.
  • Hoover’s policy created the Great Depression by.......
  • As First Lady, ________’s greatest accomplishment(s) included _________.
  • Our most important / effective First Lady was _______ because _________.
2)    Read, Read, Read about your topic!  Become an expert!

3)   Write your thesis sentence.
After picking a topic and reading, you will need to write a thesis statement that includes the three topics for your three body paragraphs.  Below are some sample thesis statements.
  • Before one decides their view on stem cellresearch, one should consider what stem cells do, how stem cells are harvested,and how stem cells can benefit society.
  • While many people play video games for fun, thesevideo games have been proven to cause aggression, addiction, and evencontribute to death.
  • Steroids can cause medical addiction,uncontrollable rage, and have physical consequences.
  • Communism is a philosophy about equality, a morecontrolling government, and a planned economic system.
  • Steroids are illegal drugs that have anegative effect on an athlete’s life causing mental aggression, unacceptablesocial behavior, and physical problems.