Monday, February 15, 2010

Advanced Ninth grade continues to work on poetry as well as reading Shattering Glass  (we only have a classroom set) in class.  This week they are to define the following literary terms and create or find an example for each.  Last weeks words were Oxymoron, Alliteration, Assonance, Allusion, and Imagery.  This week the words are Personification, Metaphor, Simile, Symbol, and Onomatopoeia. Also, Tone, Hyperbole, Detonation, Connotation,  and Understatement.  Next week the words are Stanza, Rhyme,  Iambic Pentameter, Irony, and Idiom.

The ninth grade class is done with Shattering Glass and is taking a written test and finishing projects that go along with the book.  At the end of the week they are continuing to work on quilt pieces that go with Richard Wright's haikus.